Token & utilities

Explore the detailed tokenomics of Wag3s, including information about the ticker, type, supply, and chain. Understand the key utilities and future plans for the Wag3s token.

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Token Details

TickerWages or wag3s
TypeUtility Token*
SupplyFixed - 800,000,000
Chainmulti - disclose soon

Token Utilities:

Wag3s tokens play a critical role in the functionality and governance of the platform, offering several key utilities:

  • Reduced Platform Costs: Staking* the token will reduce the cost of using the Wag3s platform.
  • Governance Token: Function as a governance token*, allowing users to submit requests for customization and enhancement of platform features.
  • Multiswap Use: Integral to the operation of the platform's multiswap* feature.
  • Decentralized Storage: Key in the process of decentralized storage.
  • Deflationary System*: The token includes a deflationary mechanism through a burn system.
  • Future Utilities: Additional utilities related to features currently undisclosed.

Utility Token: A type of cryptocurrency that is used to provide access to specific products or services within a network or platform, often granting holders certain rights or benefits.
Governance Token: A type of cryptocurrency that provides holders with decision-making power in a decentralized network or platform, often through a voting mechanism on proposals related to the platform's development.
Staking: The process of holding or locking up cryptocurrency tokens to support the operations of a blockchain network, often in exchange for rewards or incentives.
Multiswap: A feature in some cryptocurrency platforms that allows users to swap between different types of cryptocurrencies within a single transaction or interface.
Deflationary System: An economic model in which the total supply of a cryptocurrency decreases over time, often through mechanisms like token burning, which can potentially increase the value of the remaining tokens.

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