Amazing Journey

Embarking on a lengthy yet incredible path, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional features and forthcoming modules.

Currently, our focus is on developing the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) encompassing three primary modules. However, our commitment extends to the creation of upcoming modules that are both tremendous and unique.

We are honing in on several essential aspects which will be disclose in an appropriated time.

Actually, we believe it will be fun to unveil the upcoming features and modules through a game that will contribute to the eligibility for future airdrops for the community. It won't necessarily be challenging, and we hope it will be enjoyable.

2 categories :

  • the upcoming features
  • the upcoming modules

The upcoming features will be developed to improve the existing modules, while the upcoming modules will get independant functionalities.

Our primary objective is to concentrate on the development of the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) rather than prematurely revealing upcoming features, which could potentially extend the development timeline. Our internal roadmap has been meticulously crafted by our expert development team to prioritize key initiatives. While we are genuinely excited about the impending features, we, like you, understand the importance of patience and will unveil them when the time is right.

Following the completion of the Trinity modules, our focus will shift to essential upcoming features that synergize seamlessly with the modules developed. Subsequently, we will embark on the creation of two new modules. The first module will be tailored for a specific persona prominent in the crypto space, while the second module will cater to a broader audience, particularly investors. Stay tuned for these exciting developments as we continue to evolve and enhance our platform.

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