Wage Ledger - Crypto Accounting Simplified

Unlock a plethora of features:

Detailed Transaction Management:

Wagesledger offers a comprehensive approach to transaction management. Automatically account for transaction fees within the platform, ensuring accurate and transparent financial records. Users can select preferred currencies for transactions, adding a layer of customization. Attach invoices directly to transactions for a more organized and detailed financial overview.

Account Connectivity:

Experience seamless connectivity by linking both decentralized and centralized* wallets via API*. Wagesledger goes beyond traditional connections by allowing users to effortlessly import entries from neobanks* or traditional banks. This feature ensures that all your financial data is consolidated in one centralized location, streamlining the accounting process.

Payment Requests:

Simplify financial transactions with the ability to send payment requests effortlessly. Wagesledger allows you to request payments from clients or partners with just a few clicks. Specify the amount, add relevant details, and send out professional payment requests, making it convenient for both parties involved.

Generate Invoices:

Crafting invoices with Wagesledger is a breeze. Create professional and customized invoices tailored to your business needs. Efficiently manage all your invoicing requirements, from itemizing products or services to setting payment terms. Once crafted, easily send the invoices directly to clients or partners, streamlining your billing process.

One-Click Data Export:

Exporting your data and reports has never been easier. Wagesledger simplifies the data export process with a one-click solution. Instantly generate downloadable files containing your financial data, making it convenient for record-keeping, sharing with stakeholders, or integration with other tools.

Governance System:

Wagesledger is committed to continuous improvement, and a token-based governance* system is in the works for this module. This system will empower users to have a say in the platform's evolution, contributing to a community-driven and user-centric approach to feature development and updates. Stay tuned for more details as this exciting feature unfolds in the roadmap.

API (Application Programming Interface): A set of protocols and tools for building software and applications, allowing different systems to communicate with each other.
Decentralized Wallet: A type of digital wallet used to store cryptocurrencies that operates on a decentralized network, offering enhanced security and privacy.
Centralized Wallet: Digital wallets managed by a central authority or entity, often used for traditional banking and financial services.
Neobanks: A type of digital bank without any physical branches, operating exclusively online and offering more flexible banking services compared to traditional banks.
Token-Based Governance: A system in which decisions about the development and management of a platform are made by its users, typically through a voting process where votes are represented by digital tokens.

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