This module offers a range of features designed to enhance both your workplace and financial aspects. By incorporating this module, you gain access to versatile tools for optimizing efficiency, productivity, and financial management. Whether streamlining workflows, fostering an effective work environment, or improving financial control, this module provides a comprehensive solution for elevating both your professional space and financial endeavors.

Discover a new level of wallet tracking with Wag3sfolio – unlike any other wallet tracker on the market. Tailor your dashboard to your liking, incorporating new components to monitor exactly what matters to you.

Within our extensive component library, you'll find three primary trackers:

Wallet Holdings:

Effortlessly monitor your wallet's holdings by consolidating all your tokens* from various chains into one unified space. Unlike traditional coin trackers, our platform sets itself apart with unparalleled customization features. Personalize charts, integrate new components, and present your holdings in your preferred format!

Wallet Transactions:

Effortlessly track your wallet* transactions through a sleek and intuitive table. It's the optimal way to conduct thorough analyses or efficiently search and manage your transactions!

NFTs Portfolio:

Visualize and manage all your NFTs* with ease. Customize their display on the dashboard according to your preferences for a personalized and seamless experience.

And additional features are in the pipeline to enhance the user experience, including:

Cross-Swap Aggregator

for Instant, Cost-Efficient Swaps: Our upcoming roadmap includes a cross-swap aggregator, enabling swift and cost-effective cryptocurrency swaps.


Seamlessly organize and manage your NFTs, ensuring that your digital treasures are always in perfect order.

Panic Button:

For moments when you need to act quickly, Wagesfolio lets you sell your cryptocurrencies* with just a few clicks. It's your reliable escape route in turbulent markets.


Protect your valuable tokens with ease, securing them against unforeseen events. We understand that your crypto assets are precious, and we make safeguarding them our top priority.


Create and manage your customized watchlists with utmost convenience.


Set up alerts and be the first to detect movements in specific token categories, such as gaming or more, so you can seize opportunities at precisely the right moment.

Persona-Specific Features:

We are enhancing our list of components, each equipped with unique features and dedicated data analytics tailored to different personas: Holders, Traders, and Investors

Wallet: In cryptocurrency, a wallet is a digital means to store various cryptocurrencies securely. It can be software-based (digital) or hardware-based.
Tokens: Digital assets or units of value issued by a project or company, often used to interact with that project's ecosystem.
NFTs: Non-Fungible Tokens, unique digital assets verified using blockchain technology, representing ownership of specific items or content, typically in art, music, games, and videos.
Cryptocurrencies: Digital or virtual currencies that use cryptography for security and operate on a decentralized network, typically a blockchain.
Cross-Swap Aggregator: A tool or platform that aggregates different cryptocurrency exchange rates from various platforms to enable users to find and execute trades at the most favorable rates.

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